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GeoTechVision's services encompasses consulting engagements, GIS and ICT technical services and human capital training and development.

Consulting and Advisory Services

GeoTechVision's consulting and advisory services covers all aspects of the Geospatial discipline - Feasibility Studies, Business Case Development, Business Requirement Analysis, Solution Development and Implementation and Project Management and User Training. Our focus in all our engagements is to ensure business value realization from our activities.

Our Information Security and Information Systems Specialists can assist you in reviewing your organization's Information Security posture, Compliance Requirements and identify threats and vulnerabilities that could impact the availability, integrity and confidentiality of your organization's business services infrastructure.

Training and Development

GeoTechVision is very keen on human capacity building and hence training is a core part of the services we offer. We believe that the earliest point of intervention always yield the greatest results. Our engagements usually involve an initial assessment of the organization’s capability and maturity with respect to the technology they are seeking to implement and utilize. Our training program would then revolve around the gaps that we detect in their capabilities.

Geomatics Services

We provide real-time and post-processed high accuracy GNSS/GPS services utilizing a wide range of GNSS/GPS surveying equipment. Our services include ground control work, coastal monitoring, mining and utilities infrastructure mapping, cadastral and boundary survey, engineering and construction surveying, topographic surveying and consultancy engagements.

Packaged Equipment Rental
Package rental of state of the art GNSS/GPS equipment with experienced operator is also available.
Our trained surveyors are adept at using the latest GNSS/GPS enabled surveying technology to deliver accurate and quality results.



Building a GIS without completing a proper user needs assessment and system architecture design can lead to a poor system deployment. We build on your existing IT infrastructure and provides specific recommendations for solutions based on existing and projected business needs.


Web Applications should be developed with the client, their audience and security in mind. Finding that balance is where we come in to allow information and animation to be both clean and pleasing to the eyes, fully immersing users in your product. At the same time ensuring that your app is made secure.


We build both native and hybrid mobile applications to meet our clients needs, with industry best practices and standards.