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At GeoTechVision we are committed to empowering every child to reach there full potential. Our education software is designed to level the playing field, by making high quality learning accessible to every child .

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Educo Soft

EducoSoft integrates content with learning management system (LMS) features for teaching and distance learning/virtual environments.

Classroom Managment

Teachers can monitor student activities and evaluate performance in real-time, share any screen, provide individual or group assistance and implement collaborative learning software methodologies.


Centrally manage apps, OS settings and updates of all devices. Apply and enforce policies and regulations. Install applications and updates on all devices remotely

Educo Soft
100,000+ Quiz

Educo features an unlimited number of practice questions. Students can continue to practice as long and as much as they need to.

100,000+ Study Material

Comprehensive E-books with powerful graphics.

Immediate Feedback

Get Immediate feedback on practice questions.

Questions+ Solutions

See step by step where you went wrong and how to get the next question right.

Performance Tracking

Parents and Teachers can track students performance.

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