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GeoTechVision specializes in innovative spatial technologies and business ICT solutions. Our offices are located in Kingston, Jamaica and in Georgetown, Guyana that serve the Caribbean region.

  • Overview

    The GeoTechVision team is a cadre of qualified and experienced professionals providing clients with high-end geospatial consultancy services, business ICT solutions and products. We have to our benefit extensive experience in Geographic Information Systems and Information Technology across the Caribbean region having delivered various consulting, technical services and technology solutions in both government and private sectors. Our expertise ensures that our solution delivers the required business benefits to our clients.
    GeoTechVision is also the authorised retail representative/agent of many of our partners’ products and services in the Caribbean region.
    We aim to always meet the needs of our clients by providing high quality and practical advice and solutions. We base all our engagements on the following tenets:

    • Professional Competency - Our staff and associates provide clients with advice and solutions that draw on solid educational background, specific training, research and ongoing professional development.
    • Objective Advice - We provide objective, unbiased advice to our clients thereby ensuring that their best interests are always met.
    • Dedication -Our good reputation is very important to us and our clients and so we are hardworking dedicated professionals who focus on high quality results. We strive to deliver on time, on scope and on agreed budget.
    • Experience - Our staff, associates and partners are extremely knowledgeable with the geospatial industry, products and services. Our experience comes from being consultants, users and geospatial information managers. The Caribbean Market is home to us and its uniqueness is considered in the solutions we provide.

  • Mission

    GeoTechVision specializes in delivering location information for actionable intelligence along with innovative ICT solutions and related professional services. We pride ourselves in outfitting our clients with a unique solution yielding real value for every dollar spent. We aim to empower our customers, staff and associates as we work towards a knowledge society.

  • Vision

    GeoTechVision aims to become the authority in spatial solutions and location intelligence as we work to make location information and spatial technologies accessible and used by everyone, everywhere and in every aspect of their daily lives - creating a unique customer experience.

  • Sponsorship

    We are constantly inundated with requests for various forms of sponsorship and donations. At this time, we are fully committed in this regard. Our Social Corporate responsibility is focused primarily on educational causes and a few other causes we have handpick rather than solicitations we receive. We appreciate your interest in partnering with us and will update this space when we are once again considering sponsorship requests.

  • Philosophy

    Our philosophical approach to business is one where we Collaborate to Innovate. As such, we work collaboratively with like-minded experts and professionals in promoting geospatial technologies and solutions in everyday life. This approach has allowed us to build a network of competent professionals that is equal to the task of any geospatial challenges organizations may have.

    GeoTechVision subscribes to and promotes the practice of good Business Ethics in all our engagements. Hence, we carefully screen our staff and partners we collaborate with to ensure that we have the right people for our engagement team.

    • Dedication - Commitment to the task at hand.
    • Passion - Eagerness that promotes innovative ideas.
    • Selflessness- A willingness to go beyond the call of duty in finding solutions which is integral to our team's success.
    • Honesty- Honesty is in everything we do, we never compromise on our integrity.
    • Community - We believe it’s not just about us and we seek to touch the lives of all we engage.
    • Professionalism and Respect - Our professionalism is always on display as we listen and articulate in a respectful manner while maintaining poise even under stressful situations.

  • Responsibilities

    GeoTechVision considers Human Capital Development to be the most critical factor in economic development. Learning environments are therefore the most important avenue to promote human capital development. Our social responsibilities focus on promoting programs in schools - through our "GIS in Schools" project, camps for students - summer camps that provide practical GIS technology exposure and internships for tertiary students - that provides working experience in Geoinfomatics.

    GeoTechVision promotes sustainable resource management and beneficial environmental practices in all of our engagements that may impact the environment.