Business Continuity

Growing your business during crisis.

As a small business GeoTechVision faces many challenges and opportunities during the covid-19 outbreak. As the global economy is being affected by this virus, many businesses have maximized on digital solutions to look for a way forward and resume operations in a safe way. We provide a variety of solutions that can assist organizations in assessing what sectors, resources and operations have been affected. GIS provides a solution by utilizing data within the organization and providing a safe and efficient way to visualize this information and make informed decisions.

Below are a few GIS solutions that we have leveraged to help our clients cope during and after the COVID 19 pandemic.

  • Web Application
  • Technology Needs/Community engagement and responsibility:
  • High Definition Scanning:
  • Remote Work
  • LI (Location Intelligence) apps for business will definitely be a big step into digital transformation. Many successful businesses have already been capitalized on LI applications. Covid-19 has forced many to adapt otherwise they would see a rapid decline in customers as competitors maximize on the opportunity. Let us help you make this step and utilize LI applications for your business.
    Below link to covid 19 web application

  • We can help you to identify the needs of your clients and how best to meet them. During the ongoing pandemic we used a tech needs survey to identify the needs of the community especially those with limited access to technology in the education sector. dashboard)

  • Cost efficient method
    Scanners maximize operational efficiencies.
    3D modelling, 360 views, point cloud information
    Easy decision making
    Building Information Models (BIM) and GIS: GEneral overview
    3D scanning: Leica solutions for data collection both hardware and software:

  • Support employees and their devices across your organization and boost their productivity; let your mobile devices become a true business asset.

    Reaching well beyond the local network boundaries, the cloud-based platform delivers a bird’s-eye view of an entire device fleet, enabling administrators to give the best support possible, optimize device performance and make informed decisions.

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  • Drones
  • Training
  • Geo Academy
  • Let's Talk Drones

    Aerial surveying gives much more information on a space with potential for a variety of 2D and 3D data outputs. It saves time on data collection and its potential in different industries is being recognized globally. Disaster relief, surveillance and security, monitoring, delivery are just some of the markets that are seeing the benefits of drones.

  • Develop your skills

    • - focused training using your local data so that you get real and relevant results
    • - we provide virtual support or general education training using the latest tools (Zappr)
    • - come in with a project idea and go through our programme and leave with a return to work project (capstone) ready for implementation
    • - focused training using your local data so that you get real and relevant results
    • - leading industry professionals to guide you along the way
  • Learn on the go

    At GeoTechVision we are committed to empowering every child to reach there full potential. Our education software is designed to level the playing field, by making high quality learning accessible to every child.

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Virtual events / confrences.

- Virtual Engagement: UNGGIM Confrence.
- Tech needs survey
- Covid 19 dashboard and Iplay XYZ website
- Tablets giveaway

Virtual Socials.

We have sucessfully migrated all our meeting / gathering to online only. This includes staff meetings, meetings with clients and event office socials.

Using Gis during the pandemic.

- Technology Needs/Community engagement and responsibility
- High Definition Scanning
- Training
- Drones