Geospatial Technologies Training

GeoTechVision’s team of qualified individuals is dedicated to supporting the development of Geospatial activities throughout the region by facilitating continued development through our training programs. Our training courses are simple and yet effective in helping participants to understand the technology, the science behind the technology and to see the potential of its applications.

We are instructors in using both licensed and open source GIS software. Some of our courses include:

Introduction to GIS

This course introduces Geographic Information Systems and key concepts. It gives basic information on GIS applications, data editing, spatial analysis, querying data and cartography.

Introduction to Google Maps

The course teach participants how to use the fundamental tools available in Google Maps and Google Earth to create and view custom user content. The course is designed for beginners to advance users.

Google Earth for ArcGIS Users

This course is designed for persons who are interested in learning how to integrate existing ESRI format data - including shapefiles and geodatabases into a Google Earth format for display, manipulation and simple analysis.

Google Earth for Real Estate Professionals

This course is designed for Real Estate Professionals who want to attract home buyers and sellers. Participants will learn how to place interactive maps on their websites, displaying listings on detailed maps and satellite imagery to give a visual, intuitive way to find the right property. It will also show how to research and present property information overlaid with useful community data such as parks, schools, roads, businesses and other points of interests.

GeoTechVision also provides Geodetic training modules covering areas such as:

  • Introduction to Geodesy – Basic Principles of Geodesy and practical applications.
  • Coordinate reference systems – Coordinate Systems definition covering WGS84 and other global systems.
  • Datums and Coordinate Transformations – Principles of Coordinate Transformations.
  • Map projections and coordinate conversions.
  • Error analysis and quality control.
  • GNSS and GPS Technology.

Customized Courses

Our customized courses offer organizations the option of tailored content geared towards specific needs.