User Support and Help Desk

The web links accessed from this web page provides User Support information and access to Help Desk Support Services for the Elearning Jamaica Tablets in Schools project.

To Access GeoTechVision’s secure support website, users must first install a CAcert certificates to allow secure connection to our support website. This installation is required once per device. Please follow the instructions below:

Devices with Android 4.0 or later

Click the links below to download the certificate files ('root.crt' and 'class3.crt') to your device:

Class 1 PKI Key Root Certificate (PEM Format)

Class 3 PKI Key Intermediate Certificate (PEM Format)

Browse to your download folder with the file manager and open root.crt. There might not be an icon for certificates so the files may have a ? (question sign) icon. Nonetheless the file will be opened with the certificate manager, asking you for a name to describe the certificate. Type: geotechvision

Repeat the above instructions with the file class3.crt.

Check if both certificate files are installed correctly, Settings -> Security -> Certificates -> User section should now list the certificates you have just installed.

Computers with Microsoft Windows Operating System

Download the Windows installation file CAcert_Root_Certificates.msi to your download directory. Use your file manager and browse to the directory then double-click the file name to execute. Follow the instructions on-screen. While installing you should accept "the terms of the License Agreement" then select "Install". If prompted to install for the current user or for all users, select "Install for all users".

Once you have completed the installation you can now access GeoTechVision’s support site securely. The link below provides access to support ONLY for tablets supplied by GeoTechVision.

ELearning Jamaica Tablets in School Support Site