Our Partners

  • ADCC Infocad

    ADCC Infocad

    ADCC Infocad is a global leader in delivering GIS and Engineering Solutions, spreading services across five (5) countries & encompassing three (3) continents. ADCC Infocad has vast expertise in GIS solutions, Remote Sensing, LiDAR (Light Detection & Ranging), SMART City Solutions, Building Information Modeling, Photogrammetry, Water & Energy System & Solutions, Engineering Design Services and Customized Application Development. ADCC Infocad has offices in India, Mexico & Africa.

    More: http://www.adccinfocad.com/

  • Radix


    Since 2001, Radix has developed solutions that efficiently utilize years of experience in computer engineering technology. The company has quickly become a recognized world leader and developer of premier software solutions such as instant crash recovery and management systems. Radix R&D team is committed to a consistent and substantial investment in research and development in order to expand its portfolio and meet a wide range of high-level computer maintenance and operation needs.

    More: http://www.radix-int.com

  • Magnasoft


    The application of geospatial technology today, extends far beyond the traditional boundaries of mapping. Today business organizations and government departments worldwide are leveraging the power of GIS to improve services and boost productivity. The challenge for them, however, is how to do it at a reasonable cost, have control over execution time, ensure the quality of solutions and keep abreast of changing technologies.

    More: http://www.magnasoft.com

  • Sani – ITA

    Sani – ITA

    SANI-INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY ADVISORS INC. is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company. Our Quality Policy states that the employees at SANI-INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY ADVISORS INC., are committed to providing services that meet approved designs, specifications and accepted industry practices.

    More: http://www.sani-ita.com

  • Freeance


    TDC Group, Inc. (TDC) is a pioneer developer of cost-saving mobile location solutions that accelerate workflow and enhance productivity for the enterprise market. Our Freeance Mobile software brings enterprise GIS to smartphones by way of intuitive applications that feature interactive maps, database forms and searching, tracking and geo-tagged digital photos.

    More: http://www.freeance.com/product_mobile.php

  • GeoCove


    Geocove, Inc. provides scalable assessment solutions built using the power of GIS across a multitude of industries. The Geocove team has extensive experience in providing assessment, reporting and mapping tools for emergency management, building officials, public health and other government agencies as well as utilities and other private industries.

    More: http://www.geocove.com

  • MicroSurvey Inc

    MicroSurvey Software Inc. develops, manufactures and markets a family of specialized computer software for Land Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Seismic Surveyors, Mapping Professionals, Police officers, and Accident Reconstruction Specialists.

    More: http://www.microsurvey.com

  • Champion Instruments

    Champion Instruments is dedicated to providing surveyors with affordable and innovative precision positioning equipment.

    As advanced technology has become widespread in these industries, Champion has become focused exclusively on positioning control for engineering industries. Our products are the result of inspired engineering, high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

    More: http://www.championinstruments.com

  • Geneq-SXBlue

    Since 1972, Geneq inc., Montreal (Quebec, Canada), specializes in providing state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation to the industry. For the last 15 years, the company has been a leading supplier of GPS receivers and field data collection solutions through its geomatics department.

    More: http://www.sxbluegps.com

  • Juniper Systems

    Founded in 1993, Juniper Systems, Inc. is now a world-leader in ultra-rugged handheld computers and intuitive field computing solutions, while our HarvestMaster brand products provide solutions for agriculture applications. With over 95 employees, Juniper Systems, Inc has twice been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Utah by The Mountain West Venture Group of Utah. Our company maxims state that “We serve our customers and fellow employees with trust, love, respect, and active support, and expect the same in return”, and we actively work towards that goal everyday.

    More: http://www.junipersys.com