Delivering the Right Solutions!
Through detailed Business Requirements Analysis we deliver the right solution that meets your strategic business goals.
Project Management
Our experienced and PMI certified Project Managers deliver expected business benefits to our clients.
Training Centre
Our tailored GIS training delivers relevant content and current knowledge that builds resource competence and capacity.
Where it Started
The Technology Innovation Center (TIC) at the University of Technology Jamaica, where it all started - GeoTechVision.
Your guide to GIS
From your basic geographic information system (GIS ) needs to complex spatial intelligence, we can map and guide your organization.
Our Reach
Our reach spans the entire Caribbean region.
Our focus is you
Our customer-centric focus takes us wherever our clients are comfortable - a customer experience to be had!
We are your guide
From strategic business goals to innovative solutions to business value realization - GeoTechVision will guide you there!

Our Company

GeoTechVision specializes in innovative spatial technologies and business ICT solutions. Our offices are located in Kingston, Jamaica and Georgetown, Guyana that serve the Caribbean region.

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Champion TKO base/Rover Kit